Additional Flight Planning Information

General Information

USAREUR Aviator Orientation Course (AOC)
The USAREUR Aviator Orientation Course (AOC) has been made available online. Please click here for more information.

USAASD-E Conformance Reviews

All conformance review requests shall be submitted to USAASD-E via e-mail through the following e-mail address:

If you experience problems accessing the conformance reviews website please contact USAASD-E DSN 537-8603/8604 or email!

US DOD FLIP VFR Europe ARR/DEP Procedures

The German MIL AIP is authorized as the US Army source for VFR procedures at all German military and German civil airfields published in the GEMIL FLIP VAD.
1. Click on 'Publications', then accept the terms and conditions.
2. In the center of the screen select 'GEMIL FLIP VAD' from the drop down menu 'Publication'.
3. Click on the arrow on the right of each aerodrome to open/download the pdf file.
A GEMIL FLIP VAD legend will is part of the GEMIL FLIP VAD Complete Edition also available in the drop down menu.  

TACAN Route Summary

TACAN route summary for Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.
Click here to download


EDDF Frankfurt/Main Restrictions concerning Class C airspace in Frankfurt/Main

Due to increased traffic volume at and in the vicinity of Frankfurt/Main Airport, transit flights through Frankfurt Class C airspace should be avoided.

For details, please open following document:
Restrictions concerning Class C airspace in Frankfurt/Main (AIC IFR 10)

German Airfield Practice Aproach Fees

Most civil airfields in Germany have landing and service fees associated with landing rights. A recent incident has highlighted the fact that there are also several airfields that charge for practice approaches. The only way to find out this is by ATC telling you to land and pay the fee (which will also incur a landing fee!) or by consulting the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) at AFOD prior to your flight. Most of the airfields that charge approach fees are privately run and include Friedrichshafen (EDNY), Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (EDSB) and Paderborn/Lippstadt (EDLP). You should question any airfield that was once owned by a foreign government and has been returned to local control. If you have any doubts about aeronautical fees that may be charged to your aircraft, the PIC should call ahead to the airfield in question or contact AFOD's NOTAM section for further guidance. 

HFCA Alpen Procedures for Flights

An excerpt from the German MIL AIP prescribing the procedures for flights into the Helicopter Flight Coordination Area (HFCA) Alpen can be downloaded through the link below.

Please note that these procedures also apply to all flights to and from Sheridan Barracks Landing Area as Garmisch is located inside the HFCA Alpen. 


Mode-S Policy Germany

Please open following document:
Mode-S Policy Germany (MIL AIP Germany, GEN 1.5) 

Tactical Call Signs

The use of tactical call signs within German Airspace for aircraft stations in Germany needs prior coordination and permission of the Bundeswehr.


VFR entry/exit
VFR flights shall be planned to enter/exit Budapest FIR via designated ATS entry/exit points only.


EVGA Lielvarde
Inbound/outbound traffic shall be planned via following EVR18 REMBATE entry/exit points, as published on the
appropriate chart:
• RASOX (563950N 0243936E)
• OMABA (565333N 0244128E)
• LATVU (565838N 0245354E)
• AXUVA (565241N 0250145E)
• ERAXA (563923N 0245843E)
• SOKRO (563452N 0244835E)
For more details check the AIP Latvia. Contact the AFOD NOTAM section if you don't have access to it.

Inbound/outbound traffic shall be planned via the following CTR entry/exit points:
ARNIS, ELING, KROGS as published on the appropriate chart. For more details check the AIP Latvia. Contact the AFOD NOTAM section if you don't have access to it.


EPMI Miroslawiec
An intention to conduct an air traffic operation shall be notified by means of PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRED (PPR) REQUEST FORM FOR EPMI
72 HR in advanced of the planned operation. The PPR form is available at the AD Administrator's website:
Procedures for VFR flights: VFR arrivals and departures to/from MIROS AWIEC aerodrome and VFR transit through MCTR/MTMA should be conducted via the published VFR points. These can be found in the AIP/MIL AIP Poland. Contact the AFOD NOTAM section if you don't have access to it.

VFR Points in item 15 Route

Planned route has to contain entry and exit points to/from Warszawa FIR. Points considered as valid entry/exit points are points located over the boundary of the Warszawa FIR, established either over radio beacons or reporting points.
For determination of flight route, geographical names shall not be used.

In the case of using VFR points in the flight plan, within the flight route, they  shall  be  recorded  as  follows:  ICAO  location  indicator  of  the aerodrome for which the code is assigned and the first letter of the VFR point code, e.g.:  AD EPWA,  REP DELTA  - shall be recorded as: EPWAD; AD EPLL, REP KILO - shall be recorded as: EPLLK. In some cases the use of these points is mandatory.

In  the  case of  using aerodrome  reference  points (ARP)  in  the  flightplan, within the flight route, they shall be recorded as follows: ICAO location indicator of the aerodrome preceded by letter A, e.g.: ARP EPWA - shall be recorded as: AEPWA; ARP EPLL, - shall be recorded as: AEPLL.

VFR flight plans for flights in controlled airspace shall be submitted at least 1 hour before EOBT.