NEWS | Jan. 26, 2021

Expansion of South East European cross-border free route airspace eff 28JAN2021

The SEE FRA will represent a further step in optimizing flight operations by expanding to H24 the cross-border FRA operations in the airspaces of Bratislava CTA, București CTA, Budapest CTA and Sofia CTA and will provide further operational, environmental and cost benefits.

Vertical limits of the SEE FRA area will be as follows:
a. Bratislava CTA: FL 245 – FL 660;
b. Budapest CTA: 9 500 ft AMSL – FL 660;
c. București CTA: FL 105 – FL 660;
d. Sofia CTA: FL 175 – FL 660.

Applicability Period
The SEE FRA applicability is planned H24.​